So...the inspiration behind number 2 chiefs fan came from my Mother of all people...yes, she was a very vocal fanatic of the Kansas City Chiefs.  It is from her that I received my love for my beloved Chiefs.  My Mother had programmed her phone to read "Number 1 Chiefs Fan" (This was pre-smart phone era).  I was not easy on my Mother, she acquired many white hairs due to me and I acquired her stubbornness.  I found it amusing to change her banner in her cell phone to read "Number 2 Chiefs Fan" because I knew she would think of me and of course, I was in fact the number 1 Chiefs fan in the world.  

My Mother was a wonderful person, like most mothers I'd suppose, cared for the sick and helped the needy among lots of other things.  Well, she passed away in the spring of 2013 and ever since, I have watched Chiefs games in more silence now, often thinking of her while I watch each and every game.  She even has the arrowhead KC Chiefs logo on her grave stone (you're welcome Mom).  So now I can't claim to be the number 1 Chiefs fan in the world....that would belong to my Mother, who is watching over me from Heaven above!  The best claim I can make now is that I am the Number 2 Chiefs fan in the world (at least until I join my Mother in heaven) and when that time comes, I will once again, be the number 1 Chiefs fan of all time!  

As a side note, my Grandpa (a long time Chiefs fan) passed away in the Fall of 2014 and my Uncle (Mom's brother and also a life long Chiefs fan) passed away in the Spring of 2015.  Now it seems that since the passing of my Mother, each season of the Chiefs have become more and more somber joined by a cloud of eerie silence, reminding me of the days of a joyous past filled with the comfort of a family embracing each other in the moment.  All three of them are now living in my heart and I look forward to sharing similar moments with my two young daughters and bless their little hearts, for they do not know what lies ahead for them and the fun we will have as a crazy Chiefs family!