Finally...draft is over and now it's on to the last stretch before training camps open and Pre-season starts.  We have yet to see this Chiefs team play a pre-season game so it is very hard to tell how they will do this season.  

Houston, we have a problem:  I'm getting more and more concerned that the Chiefs will not have signed Justin Houston to a long term deal prior to July 15th.  I think the reason for this is simple...cap space.  If they wait until the end of the 2015 season, then they'll have added space created from the departure of Sean Smith, CB.  Though with so many veterans scheduled to be free agents in March of 2016, this is a very risky move.  Until a long term deal is completed, we'll have to brace ourselves to the possibility that this will be Houston's last season in KC.  

Way too soon prediction:  Following the timeline and path a progression through the last two seasons, the Chiefs appear to be on a path to go between 11-5 and 13-3.  I think 12-4 is the most likely, but 13-3 wouldn't surprise me either.  It also appears, the Chiefs should be a top contender to reach the super bowl.  They could have their best team since 1997 and I'm getting pretty excited about it.  Reasons are as such:

1. Chiefs have 3 pro bowl Line Backers...and a former first round pick on the bench.  
2. A lot of talent in the defensive backfield - Sean Smith, Marcus Peters, Abdullah, and Ron Parker plus at times strong performances from J. Flemming and M. Cooper. 
3. A revamped offensive line, that should be better once they get some playing time in
4. Dramatically improved at wide receiver and TE.  Yes, Kelce was on the team last year, but just his progression alone will help significantly.  Maclin and Chris Conely are huge upgrades at WR plus I want to see how Albert Wilson progressed.    
5. Less stress on Jamaal Charles to carry this team by himself, Plus D'Anthony Thomas will be used more this season, mainly at RB. 
6. Alex Smith - yes, some say he is average at best but he is perfect for the Chiefs defense.  By the way, he is an above average quarterback. 
7.  The defense could send 7 players to the pro bowl... D. Poe, Houston, Hali, Derrick Johnson, Sean Smith, Ron Parker, and Marcus Peters.  I know Peters and Parker may be long shots, but I can see them making that jump.  Add Jamaal Charles, Maclin, and Kelce from the offense, that could be 10 total pro bowlers. 

I am anxious to see this team in action.  Before free agency started and before the draft, the outlook on the team looked grim to me.  I couldn't get a feel for the direction Dorsey was taking the Chiefs.  He has surprised me this offseason and his plan is taking shape... and I like it!  This season will depend on how the offensive line comes together, but this could be a season Chiefs fans won't soon forget!!