The chiefs have made a few moves that are telling about their potential offseason plan.  So far, here is a recap of what happened:

1. Released Joe Mays (With Mauga due to be a FA, this likely means that Derrick Johnson will be playing for the Chiefs in 2015.

2. Released Donnie Avery and AJ Jenkins (Not surprising, overhauling the position)

3. Not resigning Rodney Hudson (Almost can guarantee that he won't be back with the Chiefs)

4. Releasing or trading Bowe at some point this week (his top five salary isn't justified by his production)

5. Houston being franchised (this was expected)

Overall, these moves tell me that the following positions will be target areas in either free agency, the draft, or both:

A. Wide Receiver (Two starting position is up for grabs, it's hard to see a downside, I mean, it can't really get worse than 2014 at this position right??)

B. Center (Eric Kush shows promise and I liked him coming out of college but he is still considered a Fringe player)

C. Right Tackle or Left Guard  (Jeff Allen will start either at LG or RT, whichever position he doesn't start, will be open for competitition)

D. SILB (No one is currently on the roster that could fill this position)

E. Strong Safety (Ron Perkins is a free agent, that leaves a lone hopeful in Sanders Cummings who has received season ending injuries in his first two seasons as a pro, not very promising)

That leaves 6 starting jobs up for grabs.  Realistically speaking the draft will only provide one or two capable first year starters and with the Chiefs cap situation I do not expect the Chiefs to be very active in free agency.  What this means is that these 6 starting positions won't be filled by capable players this season.  It'll likely be a two year process and they have a lot of veterans due to be free agents next season.  

This will be a critical offseason for Dorsey, one in which will either get him resigned to an extension or fired.  He has run out of time and will not have the luxury of missing on any draft picks this year.  Just one bust could end up costing him his job.  So far with my observations, I would be surprised if the Chiefs won more than 8 games in 2015.