Preseason is over and the regular season starts this Thursday and this weekend.  Chiefs play the Texans.  I'll post my preview on Wednesday.  

Chiefs moved Eric Fisher from Left Tackle to Right Tackle.  Despite some NFL writers opinion, moving a player from Left tackle to Right tackle does not make them a bust.  Agreed that Eric Fisher's performance is not that of a traditional number one overall draft pick, but if a player plays at a starting caliber level, then I do not care what round they were drafted in.  Overall the 2013 draft class was awful in general, plus from my observation and through Andy Reid's comments, Eric Fisher had a pretty good preseason before getting injured.  He has proven to be a solid starter, and am happy with his progress.  This move is more about continuity and Donald Stephenson's play than about Fisher.  Fisher may not be able to start the season at Left Tackle due to injury, this moves allows Reid to start the Left 3 offensive linemen as a group through the immediate future from game 1  and throughout the playoffs.  Plus having Allen at Right Guard plus Eric Fisher would make for a formidable running formation.  So greatest bust of all time???? No way, Chiefs have gotten more out of Fisher than the Chargers ever got out of Leaf or the Raiders got out of Jamarcus Russel.  To be honest, I'm just happy Fisher has earned a starting spot, and I don't care where that is on the line.  I care more about a players ability to contribute to the team and to a win than about that players draft position.  All I got to say is thank goodness for the rookie cap!!!