Most of you know that Eric Berry and the Chiefs did not agree to a contract prior to the July 15th deadline.  I just want to mention that this does not mean that the Chiefs plan to let Berry walk at the end of the season.  Financially the Chiefs will have a lot of dead cap space removed next season, and coupled with an anticipated increase in the Cap next year means that the Chiefs will be in a lot better position next season cap wise, even after taking into account increases in current contracts.  Per research, I estimate that the Chiefs will have at least $20 million in cap space prior to signing Poe or Berry.  Berry would make about the same amount of money whether under a long term contract or the franchise agreement, the Chiefs have a lot more room next year to structure his signing bonus as well as his annual salaries by signing Eric Berry to a long term contract at the end of this season.  It appears very likely that they could resign both Poe and Berry after this season ends and still have enough room to make additional moves in the offseason.