So the Draft is only a day away!  My thought for the first round is that the chiefs can be very flexible.  This is in part to their offseason activity, although good for the short future, the long term health of this franchise will be determined by the progress of the 2013 and 2014 draft selections and their 2015 draft selections.  

My initial thoughts are Wide Receiver, Running Back, Corner Back, or Center.  I would put money on Wide Receiver or Corner Back as the most likely position.  Center and/ or Offensive tackle can be taken care of in the second or third rounds.

My thoughts on the Chiefs drafting three offensive linemen in this draft...very unlikely.  They already have tremendous depth and don't discount Jeff Allen, he is possibly the best lineman on the team.  One to two would be my best guess.  

If the chiefs draft an Outside linebacker in the top three rounds, or a pass rusher, it means that most likely the Chiefs are planning on losing Houston at the end of this season...hate to see that scenario, but you can't risk the franchise over one player.  It may come down to Houston or Alex Smith and I'm not sure they are ready to replace Smith yet.  Aaron Murray will need another year to develop after this season.